About us

Our task is to help architects and engineers create an environment where people feel well and are productive.

People have always looked for shelter from weather and temperature fluctuations. Simple dwellings have gradually developed to today’s technologically advanced living environments. In these modern enclosed buildings, however, it is virtually impossible to live without an climate control. Our task is to help architects and engineers create an environment where people feel well and are productive. Rising energy costs necessitate the design of energy-efficient and cost-effective systems, and the construction of buildings that are user friendly and respect established environmental standards.

Our vision is based on

Quality products

Professional staff

Flexibility and responsiveness

Large stock of products

Professional and technical assistance

Fast and efficient service

Product range and quality

November 2018

Bossplast is a supplier of HVAC and climate control products and solutions. Distribution elements, air conditioners, installation materials, fans, cooling and heating technology, insulation and automation devices are key elements of our sales program.

A wide choice of quality materials and devices, as well as our experience and professional assistance in choosing optimal technical solutions are just some of the reasons why projects designed with our help meet the needs of investors and end users. We choose suppliers that follow our vision. Thorough selection of employees, education and team work are key elements of our success. Knowledge, R&D, and innovation enable us to be recognized on the global market.

With our knowledge and with the support of our suppliers we educate architects, designers and technicians to raise the level of technical skills in the field of our operations. Our partners are foreign and domestic companies with exceptional knowledge, long tradition and with a demonstrated use of the most advanced technologies. We help you choose optimal solutions, high-quality materials, proper installation methods and maintenance procedures of the installed devices.


November 2018

Bossplast will continue to consolidate its position as the leading provider of HVAC and climate control products and solutions in Slovenia. At the same time, we will increase the presence of our in-house products in foreign markets.


November 2018

Our motto: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.

We provide the most advanced comprehensive HVAC solutions. By offering professional advice, we help at all stages of the construction process in choosing the best quality solution. We believe that heating, air conditioning and ventilation in buildings has a major effect on increased well-being, improved health, greater productivity and cleaner environment.

BOSSPLAST solutions provide a healthy living and working environment, save energy, use optimal technology and are environmentally friendly.

Our strategy is based on the principles of sustainable development and is reflected in our care for employees and the environment.

Strategic goals

November 2018

  • surpassing the expectations of customers
  • diversifying risks in sales and purchasing
  • permanent personal growth and a high level of employee satisfaction
  • cooperation with the academia and application of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of installations
  • helping our employees become leading experts in their field by continuous learning
  • be among the best Slovenian companies in their business
  • responsibility and respect for the social and natural environment

Quality policy

November 2018

The first and foremost goal of our quality management system is to meet the requirements and expectations of our investors, designers and contractors. The ability to recognize and implement them is key to our business success and continuous company development.

General quality objectives for 2019

  • continuous improvement of the quality of our services and products
  • constant adjustment of our work to market demands

To achieve the quality objectives for 2019, we need to:

  • upgrade and improve the quality management system
  • monitor market demands and adapt our work to them, inform employees adequately and provide access to relevant information
  • ensure continuous education of our employees
  • encourage and motivate employees for independent work
  • maintain constant contact with key customers, designers and investors
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness to ensure profitability of our operations
  • improve the quality of life in buildings with team work and a project-based approach

We inform our employees about the quality policy and the general and specific quality-related objectives at regular meetings, and all information is also available to them through our business information system. By providing this information, the management makes sure everyone is fully aware of and understands the quality policy. Employees can more easily orient their actions towards the improvement of the policy, as well as any general or specific quality-related objectives, with the aim of taking our quality management system to the next level to further develop the operations of the company.

Our management team reviews the quality policy on a regular basis and, if necessary, adapts it to changes in business conditions.


November 2018

Responsibility, innovation, professionalism, cooperation, respect, fairness, trust, knowledge, flexibility, team work, continuous education and continuous improvement.

Our focus is on partnership, trust and satisfaction of all participants in the business processes of BOSSPLAST.

A brief history of the company

BOSSPLAST d. o. o. was established in 1990 as an all-in-one provider of high quality insulation materials for various building installations. Customers responded positively which was reflected in the growth of the company. The company has gradually expanded its sales program to ventilation and air conditioning of premises and buildings. However, since these products require a large storage space, we have soon encountered the need for a larger warehouse and new business premises.

2002 was a key year for BOSSPLAST: by building a modern warehouse, we were able to implement the most advanced warehousing procedures and offer quick and efficient supply of products ordered by our customers. The facility also included new modern business premises allowing us to expand our team.

As we look back at the development of BOSSPLAST through the years, we also see new challenges and success stories ahead of us, because history has shown that we are able to carry through what we set out to do. Careful selection of suppliers, professional staff and high-quality services guarantee that we are ready for the most demanding projects ‒ as we have set out to do in our company vision.