Aermec’s air-to-water heat pump ANK was added to Slovenia’s Eco Fund eligibility list.

Due to their energy efficiency, the following pumps have been added to the Eco Fund list:
  • ANK040_A____° (400V/3/50Hz)
  • ANK040_P____° (400V/3/50Hz)
  • ANK050_A____° (400V/3/50Hz)
  • ANK050_P____° (400V/3/50Hz)

Read the description of Eco Fund activities stated on their website:

“Eco Fund offers low-interest loans and grants to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. Funds are provided for all types of subsidies, and calls are open all year round. In line with national policy, these activities will continue in the future.

Given the large number of applications, the current processing time of an application is about 5 months, but work can start immediately after submitting an application to the Eco Fund.

The subsidy is paid within 60 days of receipt of the final documentation and signed contract or within 90 days for wood boilers and heat pumps.

Learn more about this in the notice to citizens who have applied for a subsidy. “

More information about the equipment


Aermec is a multinational company based in Italy that has been working in the field of air ventilation for more than 50 years. In Italy, Aermec is the market leader with more than 300 products. These products include, for example, split systems, chilling units and heat pumps.

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