The renowned Swedish manufacturer Östberg has introduced a whole new generation of HERU ventilation units. By carefully examining the wishes of customers, they have developed a new generation of units that are characterized by a completely redesigned design, user-friendliness, sustainable design and technology. You can find more information here.

New features HERU® Next Generation

  • All-new control system with touch display. Ability to control/monitor HERU® via an app, no extra accessories needed.
  • Improved rotor operation through V-belt drive.
  • New, more energy-efficient rotor motor.
  • Improved ability to reduce weight at installation through simple removal of door, rotary wheel cassette and fan kit.
  • Sleeve couplings with fixed rubber seals for easier mounting/removing.
  • Greater distance between sleeve coupling connections for easier installation and mounting of silencer.
  • Reduced assortment of spare parts due to shared components between the units, such as rotary wheel cassette and fan kit.
  • Improved condensation protection of electronics.
  • New and uniform design.
  • Cable harness with improved cable routing and removable sensors for easier service.
  • Labelling of cables for easier installation.
  • Common contact for control and power between cable harness and fan kit.
  • Simplified service and maintenance.
  • Standardized Torx T25 screws for easier service and maintenance.
  • Simplified electrical connection for permanent installation.
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The following device types are available:

  • HERU 100 S / T EC for living space 80-165 m2
  • HERU 160 S / T EC for living space 140-289 m2
  • HERU 200 S / T EC for living space 240-340 m2
  • HERU 250 S / T EC for living space 300-450 m2



Östberg is the leading global manufacturer of duct fans, heat exchangers and rotary regenerators. It operates in more than 75 countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, India and China. With a heat recovery efficiency of up to 86%, their Heru ventilation device is ideal for efficient ventilation and high energy savings.

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