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    Why maintenance and servicing?

    Regular maintenance ensures efficient operation of devices and facilities, increases functional and operational reliability, reduces the risk of uncontrolled, unforeseen downtime and increases the life span.

    At BOSSPLAST, we are aware of the importance of service and regular maintenance of the devices, which is why our service department strives to provide our customers with fast and high-quality services at competitive prices with efficient work, deep technical know-how and many years of experience.

    Our services

    BOSSPLAST Service is a service tailored to your needs at all levels and created specifically for you.

    Our advantages are quality and reliability, the ability to deliver genuine spare parts and customer satisfaction.

    We perform training for installation and use of all products in our catalogue to ensure better and longer performance.

    Regular maintenance ensures optimal operation of devices, which is why we offer a comprehensive service package involving inspection, maintenance, repair and consulting for products of the following manufacturers:

    • AERMEC
    • RUCK-Ventilatoren
    • SALDA
    • S&P
    • VEAB
    • TROX

    Maintenance agreements

    The users of our systems and products have the option of entering into a regular maintenance agreement for all aspects of the products and systems. The maintenance agreement will relieve them of worry about performance, leaving them more spare time. At the same time, you will achieve better performance and extend the life span of all products while keeping operating costs down.

    Competence and equipment

    Equipped with rich experience and superior tools, we guarantee that your device is always in top condition with BOSSPLAST Service. You will be able to enjoy its impeccable performance at all times.

    Nobody knows your devices better than our experienced service technicians who are always available to provide a versatile service check-up or maintenance services.