According to the VDI2052 standard, a 100% replacement of exhaust air with fresh air is required in commercial kitchens. This process causes heat losses which need to be compensated.

The SÜDLUFT energy-saving kitchen hood system with a built-in tube heat exchanger allows that up to 80% of the heat from the exhaust air can be transferred to the fresh supply air.

Advantages of the Sudluft energy-saving kitchen hood

Returns energy back to the kitchen when needed

A tube heat exchanger is located just above the heat source

The tube heat exchanger has a self-cleaning effect and low maintenance costs

German quality with many years of experience in kitchen ventilation

The entire kitchen ventilation system takes only a minimum amount of space

From idea to execution

The kitchen ventilation system we offer is based on the principle that the kitchen is a clean space and therefore “a world in itself”. We are convinced that the hygiene of the kitchen areas requires high-quality ventilation separate from adjacent spaces, for example, dining rooms or corridors.

Due to the high temperature fluctuations in the kitchen, the movement of air around the room is very important. Drafts that may occur have a negative influence on people’s well-being. To prevent discomfort, we take great care in choosing the air supply elements and their locations. As the saying goes: a satisfied chef means a satisfied guest!

Together with the German supplier SÜDLUFT, we can prepare a complete kitchen ventilation proposal with a supply/extract unit and all distribution elements needed for optimal operation.

The kitchen consists of a main thermal block with an energy-saving kitchen hood and a classic kitchen hood above the dishwasher. The heated air from the energy-saving kitchen hood is supplied to the food preparation area with the help of an additional duct fan.

The figure shows the entire ventilation system. The dining room is ventilated separately, because we believe that the air from the adjacent rooms must never come inside the kitchen. In the kitchen, we slightly lower the air pressure compared to the dining room, so that the smell from the kitchen does not spread in the adjacent rooms.

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Our partners are foreign and domestic companies with exceptional knowledge, long tradition and with a demonstrated use of the most advanced technologies.


Südluft has been a guarantor of quality in the field of ventilation technology for professional kitchens and industrial applications for decades. Their main concerns are energy efficiency in technological processes and the sustainable development of products. A large number of successfully completed projects in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and the satisfaction of their customers are testament to the fact that Südluft is a company you can rely on.

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