Our Euroclima hay dryer will speed up your hay harvest and make you independent of weather conditions.

You can bring in the moist hay already 24 hours after the cut and the hay dryer fully automatically takes care of the fastest possible and most energy-efficient drying of the feed. The intelligent DDC control, the pressure-stable fan, the highly efficient compression refrigeration system and the powerful hot water heating coil dry your hay instantly at a variety of weather and temperature conditions. In doing so, the unit automatically takes into account the conditions of the circulating air, the outside air and the residual moisture and independently selects the most ideal operating mode.

Benefits of Euroclima's hay dryer

Increase in quality

You can bring in the hay already after 24 hours with residual moisture and thus prevent the loss of crop. Multiple machine turning on the lawn is no longer required. The hay drying allows you to enormously increase the quality of the feed as the hay contains more nutrients.

Saving of expenses

Thanks to the high feed quality, your animals eat more hay, which means you have to add less concentrated feed. Since your animals are healthier, their useful life increases and veterinarian costs decrease. The acquisition costs of the hay dryer are amortized after just a few years.

Milk output

Thanks to the increased feed quality, the milk output of your animals increases and remains constant during winter feeding. Powerful and resistant animals, which give high-quality milk throughout the whole year, are the result.

Stress-free and independent

At bad weather conditions, you do not have to change your mowing schedule anymore and can also bring in moist hay without having to worry about a possible fungus formation. The hay dryer operates self-contained and fully automated to ensure efficient drying. With the time savings you can devote yourself to other important tasks.


In order to assist you in the process of upgrading to a hay dryer, regional subsidies are available depending on the location. Please check information concerning this matter at your local contact point for agricultural subsidies.


Modes of operation

Fresh air operation
On warm, dry summer days the fresh air is used to operate energy-effi ciently. If the fresh air temperature is too low or the relative fresh air humidity is too high, the circulation air mode is switched on. This operation mode is the most cost-effective way to dry your hay and therefore the unit will be operated as long as possible in this mode.

Circulation air operation
At low outside temperatures or high relative humidity, the unit switches to circulation air operation and switches on the compression refrigeration system. The air is cooled and dehumidifi ed in the evaporator section. In the subsequent condenser section, the previously withdrawn energy is fed back to the air and thereby the air is heated up. The compression refrigeration system has the double benefi t and no heat capacity is lost as it is used for both dehumidifi cation and reheating. This results in an optimal and energy-effi cient use of all resources, even in the circulation air operation.


The control logic of the Euroclima hay dryer has been developed especially for maximum energy effi ciency. The combined temperature and humidity sensors capture the current operating conditions in detail and the system autonomously selects the optimal operating state. The fan control takes place continuously via a frequency converter, based on the measured pressure difference in the fan inlet nozzle. Consequently the fan power can be set to any desired value (in m³/h with airfl ow control, optionally in Pascal with duct pressure control). If you want to
change the values recommended by Euroclima, then you can set each setpoint individually with the supplied local display. The switchover between fresh and circulation air operation can also be carried out manually via the display, if the intelligent automatic mode described above is not desired. The supply air temperature is independently controlled and limited (if necessary) in order not to affect the quality of feed by blowing in air at excessive temperatures.

Additional features

Additionally, it is possible to integrate up to 3 hayrick temperature sensors for hayrick monitoring. If a hayrick temperature surpasses the set maximum setpoint, then this is detected by the controller and a contact is switched (e.g. to drive a horn). This gives you the security – even when the unit is not in operation – to detect a possible hazard caused by overheating of the hayrick, at an early stage.

More information about the devices

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Euroclima is a company with extensive international operations. Euroclima manufactures and sells first-class ventilation equipment and employs around 170 people. They acquired the ISO 9001 certificate in 1994 and at the same time were awarded the Eurovent certificate as the first air conditioning manufacturer in Italy and Austria. Device efficiency above 90% is standard for Euroclima.

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