Stale air, moisture and consequent formation of mold can have extremely negative impact on health.

Problems are present in existing buildings and in new buildings. There are many causes for the problem, but the most common is one: the importance of ventilation is often ignored in the design and selection of building equipment.

Standard packages for residential units and houses

You can download various solutions for residential units and house ventilation. The solutions are grouped according to the size of the dwelling and whether it is a renovation or a new construction. To download a document with standard packages, enter your information on the right-hand side.

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    Ventilation solutions

    The problem of ventilation can be solved in a number of ways. Ventilation systems can be divided into natural, hybrid and mechanical systems, and these are further divided into systems with heat recovery and systems without heat recovery. At the same time, ventilation can be centralized or decentralized. We offer the following systems:

    1. passive air supply and active extraction – without heat recovery
    2. decentralized ventilation with heat recovery
    3. centralized ventilation with heat recovery

    Eco Fund subsidy

    Our products achieve the highest efficiency levels and are therefore listed on the Eco Fund eligibility list which allows you to recover at least 20% of the total investment cost.

    Every year, Eco Fund publishes an invitation for citizens to apply for grants for an environmentally friendly construction investments. For the past two years, the available Eco Fund funds were spent before the call was finished. Only those who submitted an application for the grant in time were eligible for this subsidy. If you wish to install a ventilation system this year, we recommend that you apply for a grant as soon as possible. A timely application is a prerequisite for obtaining the grant. More information on subsidies can be found on the Eco Fund website: Link

    Our products on the Eco Fund eligibility list

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