The benefits of centralized ventilation

Heat recovery devices with efficient heat exchangers

Centralized ventilation is a very effective solution, which is mainly intended for new residential buildings. It offers the most advanced ventilation modes and the most flexible installation methods.

The benefits of centralized ventilation

Various installation options with different extract/supply elements and ventilation ducts

The most suitable solution for residential houses (new construction)

The possibility of obtaining an Eco Fund grant

How does it work

The centralized ventilation devices are the most numerous and most diverse in the market. These devices extract and supply air through a network of ventilation ducts. A heat exchanger installed in the device allows heat transfer between the supplied and extracted air.

There are several different types of centralized ventilation systems and they differ primarily in the type of heat exchanger. The most common are devices with counter-flow heat exchangers which offer a high efficiency of heat recovery. The two air flows are completely separate from one another. This method of heat recovery requires condensate drainage, because moisture forms on the extracted air side during the winter period.

Less known, but extremely efficient and in the recent times increasingly popular, are rotary heat exchangers. This heat exchanger slowly rotates which means that the extracted and supplied air alternately pass through the exchanger. The main advantage of this exchanger is its constant efficiency even at extremely low temperatures and its ability to recover moisture from the exhaust air and pass it partially to the supplied fresh air. It is also resistant to frost, and condensate drainage is not necessary.

Centralized ventilation systems offer the most flexibility in terms of installation while achieving the highest efficiency levels among all ventilation systems. They provide advanced methods of filtration and control and are in many cases the only possible solution. On the other hand, installation requires extensive construction work which makes them also the most expensive solution, and as such more suitable for new buildings.

Centralno prezračevanje

More information about the equipment

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Aermec is a multinational company based in Italy that has been working in the field of air ventilation for more than 50 years. In Italy, Aermec is the market leader with more than 300 products. These products include, for example, split systems, chilling units and heat pumps.

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Soler & Palau

S&P was established in Spain in 1951 by two engineers Eduard Soler and Josep Palau. They produce various products, from different types of fans to air curtains, air conditioners, air heaters, etc. Their business is based on quality (they have obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certificates) and respect for the environment. It is the only company in this field with an ISO 45001 certificate for environmental protection. It also promotes innovation and has so far registered 80 patents, more than 20 industrial designs and more than 120 utility models.

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Salda UAB is a manufacturer of ventilation equipment with more than 21 years of experience in this field. The company produces many products for ventilation systems. Currently it employs 250 people and operates in more than 30 countries. It offers products for large industrial facilities, offices, hotels and residential buildings.

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Östberg is the leading global manufacturer of duct fans, heat exchangers and rotary regenerators. It operates in more than 75 countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, India and China. With a heat recovery efficiency of up to 86%, their Heru ventilation device is ideal for efficient ventilation and high energy savings.

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