The advantages of decentralized ventilation devices

Decentralized ventilation devices with a heat exchanger

Can be easily installed in the wall, do not require extensive construction work and effectively solve the problem of ventilation. They alternately supply and extract air, and their appearance and operation makes them almost completely inconspicuous. The devices work continuously at the lowest level, except when humidity increases or if you increase the power manually.

The advantages of decentralized ventilation devices

Advanced sound proofing, air filtration and regulation ‒ operation is possible even when an odd number of devices is installed

Several aesthetically designed exterior and interior elements are available; the outer element can also be completely hidden in the window frame

The possibility of obtaining an Eco Fund grant, which allows you to recover at least 20% of the investment costs

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How does it work

Decentralized ventilation units with heat recovery use a ceramic heat exchanger to transmit heat from the exhaust air to the supplied air. We distinguish between devices that simultaneously supply and extract air and devices that operate alternately. The term “decentralized ventilation” is used in practice for all devices that solve the problem of ventilation in a particular area, whether local or decentralized.

Decentralized ventilation devices, which are installed directly in a wall or in a window frame, are suitable especially for the renovation of older buildings. Devices that have the necessary control elements on the device itself are especially useful, since only a power source must be provided. In this case, the devices operate in pairs, however an odd number of devices is also possible. The number of devices must be calculated according to the size of the dwelling and the number of residents. The basic rule is that one heat recovery unit should be installed for every 25 square meters. These devices operate alternately: air is supplied for 70 seconds, then air is extracted for the next 70 seconds; this is how the ceramic heat exchanger is first cooled down and then heated up. The air entering the apartment is heated to a suitable temperature. The figure shows a cross-section of the Ventomaxx WRG Plus LAL, which is built into the window frame and has a ceramic heat exchanger.

The advantages are having fresh air in the apartment with a high level of heat recovery which leads to increased comfort, while only minor construction works are needed. Since there is no need to install air distribution systems, the residential area remains the same, and the devices are small and compact. They can also be hidden in the window frame and are practically imperceptible on the outside and inside. They are also priced more favorably than centralized ventilation systems, and there is no need to clean the ventilation ducts.

Unfortunately, when installing these devices, we are limited by the layout of the room and the positioning of the furniture. Inadequate device layout can impair the ventilation efficiency, while smells from the bathroom and kitchen can spread to other rooms in the event of inappropriate positioning. An individual device has a limited air flow rate and is less suitable for certain types of rooms where there are many people at any given moment.

Below is an example of a layout in a two story residential house. An optimal air exchange level was achieved with respect to the layout while avoiding passing the contaminated air from the kitchen and the bathroom to other rooms. Because the Ventomaxx V-WRG Rondo Plus devices are extremely silent, they are ideal for bedroom installation.

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Ventomaxx is a family business with more than 20 years of experience with decentralized ventilation systems. When this field was still in its infancy, Ventomaxx was already involved in consulting, designing and developing these systems. Their emphasis has always been on systems that require great energy efficiency while at the same time meet high demands placed on the ventilation system noise generation and insulation for housing units, offices and other living spaces. Their products have favorable reports and certificates from independent institutions, which ensures reliable and easy planning, installation and use. The high number of completed projects gives architects, engineers, acoustic engineers, contractors and technicians the peace of mind knowing that the Ventomaxx products truly meet all the requirements of their project.

  • Decentralized ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • High degree of sound insulation
  • Elegant design
  • Simple and effective use

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