The benefits of passive ventilation

Passive ventilation devices without a heat exchanger

Ventilation using passive elements is the most cost-effective solution to solve the problem of sufficient ventilation. Due to advanced filtration and good sound proofing, a high level of comfort is achieved.

The benefits of passive ventilation

They do not have electronic parts and are virtually maintenance-free

Several aesthetically designed exterior and interior elements are available; the outer element can also be completely hidden in the window frame

Advanced sound proofing and air filtration capabilities

How does it work

High-quality windows have good sealing capabilities, which practically prevents continuous natural ventilation. Although much can be solved by opening the windows, we also have to consider the amount of energy lost and the safety of ventilating the room in this manner. Some manufacturers even insert special ventilation openings into the window frame, but this almost completely eliminates the purpose of well-sealed windows. Others use humidity sensitive grilles installed directly below the window. These grilles supply air into the room based on the relative humidity. The air is extracted using powerful bathroom fans.

The advantage of this system is above all its price, along with the ability to solve the issue of low quality air without major construction works. The disadvantage is mainly that there is no heat recovery and no intelligent ventilation control, and, in particular in cooler months, there is the possibility of cold air intrusions. Another problem is also the intrusion of sound and air particles. It should be noted that this solution precludes an investment in high-quality windows with better sound insulation, because the sound insulation characteristics depend on the weakest member of the system ‒ in this case the humidity sensitive grilles. Upgrading the system above with humidity sensitive grilles includes an AirControl device system with air filtration devices completely hidden in the window frames.

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Ventomaxx is a family business with more than 20 years of experience with decentralized ventilation systems. When this field was still in its infancy, Ventomaxx was already involved in consulting, designing and developing these systems. Their emphasis has always been on systems that require great energy efficiency while at the same time meet high demands placed on the ventilation system noise generation and insulation for housing units, offices and other living spaces. Their products have favorable reports and certificates from independent institutions, which ensures reliable and easy planning, installation and use. The high number of completed projects gives architects, engineers, acoustic engineers, contractors and technicians the peace of mind knowing that the Ventomaxx products truly meet all the requirements of their project.

  • Decentralized ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • High degree of sound insulation
  • Elegant design
  • Simple and effective use

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